Healing RocksGlobal Integrative Medicine (GIM) utilizes a holistic “whole-person” treatment approach.  We utilize Integrative Medicine in our methods which is a bridge between conventional medical care and alternative health care. Integrative medicine encompasses the good from both models of health care.

    • GIM realizes that each person is a unique entity with its own genetic makeup and therefore the treatment is tailored and unique to each patient.
    • GIM focuses on treating not only the physical problems, but also the mind and spirit.
    • GIM utilizes various styles of assisting a patient with processing emotional blockages without continuing to re tell the trauma over and over. Some of the therapies include mind-body techniques, applied kinesiology, traditional Chinese medicine and many more.
    • GIM believes in promoting our patients to live the best lives possible. Life coaching is also available to assist our clients with reaching their personal and professional goals with the support of a licensed professional.

Dr. Matesa Pringle

Dr. Matesa PringleDr. Matesa Pringle is a naturopathic physician who practices in Mesa, Arizona. She practices alternative medicine as well as traditional medicine and serves the East Valley cities of Gilbert, Chandler, Scottsdale, Tempe, Apache Junction, Queen Creek, Phoenix, and even has some patients who travel from West Valley!

Is your Sunscreen safe?

Living in Arizona we are constantly advised to apply sun screen to ourselves and our children but how do you know whether or not the ingredients are safe? There are two forms of sunscreens Chemical and Mechanical. The most popular brands of sunscreens are usually Chemical. They contain Oxybenzone, which is a hormone disruptor as well as Vitamin A, which in the form of Retinol actually accelerates the growth of skin cancer. Read more »

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