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Have you been trying to get pregnant for the last year unsuccessfully? Do you have irregular periods or no periods at all? Have you been pregnant but had several miscarriages? If you answered yes to any of the questions above you are not alone. Over 15% of couples are struggling with infertility. Infertility means the inability to become pregnant after a year of having unprotected sex. It can also be defined as a woman who keeps having miscarriages or stillbirths.  Infertility can be due to complications from the potential mother or father.  Many couples resort to drugs or surgeries. 

At Global Integrative Medicine, PLLC we have helped lots of patients who struggled with infertility become pregnant without surgery or drugs. We do a holistic approach to “overall health”. Our philosophy is to get the parents healthy and then nature takes it course to a healthy baby being born. We endeavor to attempt to find the “cause” for the reproductive challenges.  We don’t prescribe fertility drugs.  Many of our patients come to us with horrible moods swings and side effects from fertility drugs. We can work in conjunction with a fertility specialist as well but most of our patients choose to use the natural treatments available at GIM solo and many have gotten pregnant. In you are exploring your options for fertility consider exploring all natural treatments for improving your fertility as well as improving your health so when you “bundle of joy” comes you are strong and vibrant to care for the baby.


Wishing you lots of health and happiness!

Dr. Matesa Pringle is a naturopathic physician who practices in Mesa, Arizona. She practices alternative medicine as well as traditional medicine and serves the East Valley cities of Gilbert, Chandler, Scottsdale, Tempe, Apache Junction, Queen Creek, Phoenix, and even has some patients who travel from West Valley!


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