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Food Allergy Testing

At Global Integrative Medicine, we perform a variety of food allergy tests.  Food allergy testing is used to identify specific foods (or food groups) to which a person reacts negatively. Consuming foods to which one is allergic can weaken the body or cause illness.

The testing methodology is based on measuring cellular responses when a patient's blood sample is exposed to a variety of substances such as foods, additives, colorings, and chemicals. The IgE test measures classic allergy symptoms such as redness, swelling, and generated heat. We can also test for the presence of IgG antibodies that provide long term resistance to infections. So if a person reacts to a food, chemical, or inhalant up to 15 hours after exposure, through IgG testing, we can detect it.  We can also test the GI reaction to an allergen by measuring IgA, which is found in the body's mucous secretions.

Food allergy testing is backed by research and in practice.  Food allergy testing is typically done with a panel of about 100 commonly consumed foods.  In addition, depending on the patient's normal diet (e.g. Mexican, Asian), other more diet-specific testing can be performed.  Patients can use their test results to modify their diets accordingly.