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Medical Treatments and Services


Holistic Medical Exam (total body care)

•Conventional Physical Exams (and yearly well woman and male exam)
• Conventional Lab Exams (CBC, thyroid panel etc..)
• Conventional Prescriptions
• Nutritional IV therapy
• Botanical Medicine (Herbal Therapy)
• Homeopathy
• Nutritional Assistance and Detoxification Programs
• Mind-Body Therapies 
• Life Coaching 

Specialized Labs

o Neurotransmitter testing
o Adrenal Testing
o Hormonal Panel
o Comprehensive Stool Analysis
o Environmental Toxin Test
o Parasite Testing
o Genetic Test
o Organic Acid Test
o Food Allergies and Sensitivities
o Cancer Screening Test
o Cellular Nutrient Profile
o Lipoprotein Particle Profile