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Patient Testimonials

I have tears of joy just typing this! Prior to coming to see Dr. Pringle I was so ill I had to stop working!  I went through menopause early and was diagnosed with Crohns Disease. My energy was low I could barely function. I hadn’t gone to the gym in 4 years!  I saw Dr. Pringle for one visit a month ago and I feel better than I have in 20 years! I’m going to the gym! My energy is better, my hormones are better and I am able to enjoy foods and drinks that I used to consume! She is my angel! In my book she can do no wrong, that is how great she made me feel! Dr. Pringle my husband and I thank you for giving me my life back! I am so grateful words can’t express.

R. T. Scottsdale AZ


I am a human resources director and one of the employees missed a lot of work due to digestive issues. I noticed she came back to work and looked great. I inquired and she told me she had seen Dr. Pringle. I then scheduled in hopes she could get me better as well. Prior to seeing her I had been to a multitude of doctors and had done many labs but still had seen no progress. When I went to see the Doctor, she gave me some herbs custom made for me and I got much better. Not only are my digestive issues better but my mood and energy have increased. I am so grateful to Dr. Pringle and so is my boyfriend! Lots of love to you Dr. Pringle! You changed my life. (AE, Newport CA)



I feel the best I have in years! I lost 25 pounds and I am feeling wonderful! My stress is down and I am sleeping great! I am so glad I came there! Thanks Dr. P (DK, Alaska)



I moved to AZ and one of my friends kept urging me to see a naturopath. She picked a person for me but after researching I decided to go to Dr. Pringle instead. When I first came I was on Zoloft and Adderall. I was fatigued and had a hard time concentrating. It was like I went to work in a daze each day. After seeing Dr. Pringle, I am safely off my Zoloft and Adderall and I feel great! My energy is high and I can concentrate again! Thanks so much Dr. Pringle. You helped saved my job and helped me be a better father to my children! (RF, Mesa AZ)


When I came I was tired all the time. My hair was falling out. I was very timid to come but since a friend recommended her I came, but I am so glad I did! I feel so much better. I love taking natural things! Now I completely trust Dr. Pringle whatever she tells me to take I will listen now. My thyroid is normal for the first time in years and best of all she didn’t give me any medicine just plants. She did labs and I could see how the plants were changing my labs results.  I went for my hair falling out and she treated my eyes and hormones too all in one visit. I am so glad my friend referred me to her. (AA, Gilbert AZ)


I was diagnosed with spleen cancer. I saw Dr. Pringle in the Cali office I was nervous and scared for my life. I couldn’t sleep and had no energy. I have gone to visit oncologist twice no signs of cancer! My white blood cells have gone back down to normal! My energy is great and now I am working out 3-5 times a week. I started traveling again! I was nervous to see an alternative doctor but I thank God for Dr. Pringle. She is a God-send! I tell everybody about her. God bless you Dr. Pringle. (WM, Hudson NY)


I was bleeding everyday for two months. I went to another doctor who said I had thyroid problems and put me on very high dose medicine. After that I didn’t have a cycle for 8 months and I am only in my 30s and I was feeling awful. I prayed and some kind of way I found Dr. Pringle. It was such a blessing! My energy is up and I am off of the thyroid medicine. It has only been three months and I have my life back! My cycles are regular now and she safely helped me get off medicine! I am so grateful. I can’t find the exact words! Before I was too ill to work and now I have a new job and I am doing great! (AU, Chandler AZ)


I came to see Dr. Pringle about a year and half ago. I was desiring to get pregnant but was having a really hard time.  My hormones were all messed up. I was anxious and sometimes depressed and my hair was falling out. I saw her three times my energy, mood and hormones were better and within three months I was pregnant.  Now, I have a beautiful baby girl who is three months old. I am so happy I was able to get pregnant though other doctor’s said I was high risk and I would have to do expensive therapies. Dr. Pringle thank you for your help. 


(MH, Mesa AZ)


I started working with Dr. Pringle about one year ago. During our partnership, Dr. Pringle has helped me get my BP, which was approaching the “stroke zone” down to a normal range. A few months ago, I arrived for an appointment with very swollen ankles. I had no idea what was causing the swelling, but Dr. Pringle immediately diagnosed the problem as something related to my kidneys. She administered an injection in the office and gave me a supplement to help my kidneys heal. Within 24 hours my ankles were completely normal and the supplement has helped my kidneys to regain normal function. What is most important to me as a patient, is that Dr. Pringle treats me as a whole person and not some sort of medical jigsaw puzzle that needs to be reconstructed. We often talk about how it is as essential to for my spiritual and emotional sides to remain healthy as it is to monitor my blood pressure. If you are seeking a true partnership in healing, Dr. Pringle is the person you need to meet. (TK, Mesa)


I had some friends who saw a naturopath and I saw how much better they were doing. I decided to try to find a naturopath in my area so I went online and found Dr. Pringle. I came in for a visit one month ago for high blood pressure and erection issues. She gave me an herbal formula that reduced my blood pressure down to 120/80 so I was able to come off my medication. Also, she treated my sexual issues and I very delighted that at 78 years old my function is excellent now. I wake up in the morning erections like I did in my teens.  Later I got bronchitis I went into my local urgent care. The doctor was too busy to see me so I saw a physician assistant after two days I wasn’t better so I called Dr. Pringle office to see if they could get me in, because I was planning my trip to Seattle and I didn’t want to be sick and travel. I went in for a quick ten-minute visit and by the next day I was feeling much better. By day two I was all ready to travel.  Not only is she a great doctor she makes me laugh and she is very sweet. I am so glad I went online and found her. My energy is up to travel and I am enjoying my life again! (M.A. Mesa AZ)


Another naturopathic doctor who was trying to treat my SIBO referred me to Dr. Pringle. I was very skeptical, because she Dr. Pringle was on West Coast and I live in Ohio. Prior to seeing her I had chronic constipation for 30 years, SIBO, hormone problems, fatigue etc.  I didn’t have much faith because I had tried so many things over the years and so many doctors all over the country with little to no relief. I was belching 30-40 times every ten minutes, severe GI pain, no bowel movements for over a week at a time and severe hormone issues. After consulting with Dr. Pringle I’m on the right track and all of my symptoms have been so much better for over six months! I have been using the restroom daily with ease, no more intimacy issues with my husband, my energy is up. I am so grateful to God. My husband and I prayed for years and God gave us our answer through Dr. Pringle. I am just so grateful. Words can’t explain. Thank you Dr. P. We love you and God bless. (GH, Ohio)



I was diagonsed with Ulcerative Colitis about two years ago. I have been to see 8 doctors before Dr. Pringle and I read almost every book and website I could find. In one visit I feel the best I have felt in years! I have no more bleeding, I am not eating a "crazy" diet and my energy is better. (JW Phoneix AZ)


I came to see Dr. P last month. I was very uncertain if I wanted to come because my insurance doesn't cover her. I went for treatment for my high blood pressure and diabetus. She spent two hours with me! She treated my high blood pressure, diabetus and she discovered I was anemic. I had been going to see my other doctor and I showed Dr. P the labs she said I wasn't tested for anemia. She wrote me an order for labs and gave me some iron! I feel a million times better! I don't know how my other doctor missed that for years. It has been a month and my blood sugar and blood pressure are under control. I am very grateful to God for that woman. She exceeded my expecations! Dr. Pringle I love you and God bless! (DB San Tan Valley AZ)


My wife and I come to AZ for the winters from Canada. My wife found Global integrative Medicine and I came there to be treated for shoulder pain. In one visit Dr Pringle treated my shoulder pain with some injections and acupuncture and this is the best my shoulder has felt in years! Not only did she help with my shoulder, I caught some GI bug and she treated that too and numerous other health issues I didn't even think to tell her about but she saw on my paperwork.  I was uncertain at first about "natural medicine" but she made a believer out of me! Ultimately I don't care what kind of medicine it is as long as I feel good! I can golf again with no pain! I can also fly again with no pain! I am so glad I came in! 

(LB Florence AZ/Canada)



I was searching online for treatments for my daughter. She was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis a few months ago. She was taking so many medications. I was so worried about her. She developed severe anxiety and couldn't sleep through the night. I took her to see Dr. Pringle immediately my daughter became joyful again. Dr. Pringle gave her some herbs and her mood is joyful. She has stopped having all the bloody stools. She is safely off her medicationS.  Thanks Dr. Pringle you gave us our daughter back. God bless you!

(JS Mesa AZ) 


My son since birth has experienced severe reflux. I have taken him to so many different doctors and specialist. One of my friends told me about Dr. Pringle, because she helped her son get better. I decided to take the long drive out from Tucson to Mesa just to give it a try. My visit was worth dime and every mile. My son is now eating lots of foods he couldn't eat before and he is sleeping throughout the night now. His entire mood is better. He laughs now and is so much less irritable. Now he is two years old and he isn't terrible. He is doing so well. I made an appointment to see Dr. Pringle myself. I love you Dr. Pringle! You are such a blessing and a answer to prayer. (D C Tucson AZ)


I have suffered with Multiple Sclerosis for years. I could barely feel my left side. I hadn't moved my toes in years. My counsin did some research and found Global Integrative Medicine. I was really afraid because I don't speak much English. My counsin took me to the appointment and she started doing acupuncture and injections on me. Within two sessions I could move my toes again! I was so excited I started to cry. Even though it was  language barrier I could always feel her warm heart. I always gave her hugs and said thank you for service she provides. When I first started therapy I was so afraid she comforted me and waited patiently. She has so much joy and love in her heart for patients. I am so blessed and grateful to God for Dr. Pringle and my counsin for finding her for me. I am continuing with the therapy, because this is the best results I have recieved in years. Dr. Pringle and this therapy has caused me to hope again and that is priceless! (RG, Glendale AZ) 


I came to see Dr. Pringle with fibromyalgia, low libido, anxiety, depression, stomach problems etc. I signed up for a holistic visit admittedly I was pretty skeptical because I had been to doctor after doctor. I came for one visit and I already have my libido back, no PMS, my mood is better and I am sleeping through the night now. I just started but I already see so much results and benefits. I am excited about the journey ahead. (RF, Gilbert AZ)


When my wife made me come in to see Dr. Pringle I was thinking of quitting my job or moving because I thought I was allergic to something because I kept breaking out in huge hives all over my body. My wife and were renting an apartment and I work as an auto mechanic I thought maybe it was some mold or reaction to some chemicals. We went to see three dermatologist but no one could figure out what to do. Basically I was taking benedryl all the time which made me so sleepy and I still got hives. My wife made some calls and we came in all prepared to do allergy testing. However once I saw the doctor she said we didn't need the testing. She gave me two herbs and it has been 8 months NO MORE hives, itching or swelling all over my body. Not only did the skin condition go away but she got me better in one visit without any labs! I was really skeptical of this natural medicine stuff but it proved to be cheaper and more effective than all the stuff I tried before. Best of all, I was able to keep my house and my job. I used to get sick all the time but whatever she gave me did the trick!  I didn't believe she could get me better with just some pills but she did! I am so grateful we tried this natural medicine stuff it really does work! Something I struggled with over and over for almost two years got cleared up in one visit! (S. B. Mesa AZ)


I came to see Dr. Pringle about a year and half ago. I was desiring to get pregnant but was having a really hard time.  My hormones were all messed up. I was anxious and sometimes depressed and my hair was falling out. I saw her three times my energy, mood and hormones were better and within three months I was pregnant.  Now, I have a beautiful baby girl who is three months old. I am so happy I was able to get pregnant though other doctor’s said I was high risk and I would have to do expensive therapies. Dr. Pringle thank you for your help. 


(MH Mesa Az)


I struggled all my life with depression. I went through a terrible break up with my boyfriend and my depression got worse. My parents had to put me in the hospital twice for suicide attempts. I didn't want to see Dr. Pringle. My mother forced me to go see her. I sat in the office with Dr. Pringle and I rejected everything she said but she kept up with her positive nature. I was determined to be glommy but she was determined to get me better. By the time I left the office I had new hope! At the end of the visit I gave her a hug and thanked her. I followed the things she told me to do and now I have my life back! Not only is my life back it is better than ever. I returned to college after dropping out years ago! I graduate in one month!  I am happy and whole inside and out! I am so glad my mom forced me to go and I am so glad Dr. Pringle didn't give up on me when I didn't have hope myself. I am not taking any of the medications the other doctors prescribed and I am feeling 100% better. I am looking forward to a bright future! A big electronic hug for you Dr. P. (D. G. Chandler AZ)


I am so happy with Dr. Pringle! I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and I had been taking medications for 20+ years. I was losing hope. I went to see her based on a recommendation from a family member. After seeing her I was able to wean off my prescription medications. My mood has been stabile for over a year. Not only is my mood better, but she worked on everything it was truly a holistic visit! I can sleep throughout the night now. Before I had ADHD and I couldn't focus to finish college but now I have finished two semester of college as a 40 year old! I believe I was completely misdiagnosed or something because Dr Pringle got me totally better. I feel so much more peace and  I am 100% off of prescription medications. I love you Dr. Pringle! You changed my life and the life of my children because they have a happier Mom!  (V. A. Mesa AZ)



I am 86 years old and I had to return to work because of my wife was ill years ago. My job consist of cutting samples of meat. My arm had so much pain and tingling for years. I went to my other doctor years ago and he said I had to have surgery to repair it. This past year it got much worse I returned for the surgery but he said it was too late. My daughter bought me an acupucture session with Dr. Pringle. I thought I would just try it out. Amazingly after one session my arm was 60% better. I went back for a second session this time she gave me herbs and my arm is 85% better. I will take it one acupucture and one visit and no surgery. It wasn't just that she made my arm better she is amazing. Her spirit is so upbeat. I am so blessed to have been in her care. (G. H. Mesa AZ)



I suffered with plantar fascitis for a long time. I was skeptical about trying acupuncture but my wife encouraged me to do it. Dr. Pringle did acupuncture on me once and it totally went away. I used to wake up with such severe morning pain but it is completely gone. I can't believe it but those little needles really worked! (Carlos Mesa AZ)


I came to Global Integrative Medicine because I was suffering from severe depression. I used to cut myself frequently and I just wanted to die. I came to see Dr. Pringle and within one visit she had me sleeping again. It has been six months and I haven't cut myself. She took the time to balance my hormones and she counseled me. Not only did she help my mood with her upbeat personality but she even gave me herbs to heal all of my cuts. Dr. Pringle you changed my life! You literally saved my life! (BB Gilbert AZ)



I had severe migranes for years and was struggling through college. I saw Dr. P and she got my migranes to go away and now I am full of energy. She treated my thyroid naturally and now I am off all of my meds! I love you Dr. P. You rock (C. P. Mesa AZ)



I want to give Praises to a Great Doctor for all her help and expertise! I want everyone to know about what a Super Doc she is. She helped me heal from quite a few things and the best part is she uses natural medicines, none of this man made stuff. I had been experiencing a number of things such as stiffness in joints, light headedness, brain fog, blood pressure slightly elevated, ear fluid, and a thyroid problem I didn't know I had. Blood test revealed the thyroid issue and that I had food allergies which causes my body to produce such symptoms as I mentioned earlier. I did a full body cleanse she recommended and eliminated the foods I am allergic to and WOW, I feel new! So if you are looking for a Doctor that listens to you and works with you to heal you naturally, then maybe you should check her out. Thank you Dr. Pringle for your amazing knowledge, blessing me and making me new! (N.C. Mesa, AZ)


After a year of seeing Dr. Pringle I finally got pregnant and made it past my first trimester!
This has been a long, hard, emotional road and I was not thrilled at the prospect of it taking yet another year to get pregnant but I understood the importance she stressed about getting me healthy so I could have a healthy baby. I'm so glad that our paths crossed and can't believe that almost exactly 1 year after my first consultation with her I got my positive test!  Prior to seeing her I had several miscarriages and had lost hope but she gave me hope as well as a friend who referred me to her she helped to get pregnant. It was an emotional journey but I am so glad I'm pregnant now and I'm healthy as well as my baby! (E.L. Phoenix, AZ) 


I had an incurable GI disease and had diarrhea several times a day. I went to seeing several specialists and being forced to take prednisone once a week. I came to see Dr. Pringle and I feel like my old self again. Completely better! I love you Dr. P!  (C.Z. Mesa, AZ)


I suffered for IBS and it would be worst with every stressful activity. She helped me stabilize my mood and improve my symptoms. (B.F. Phoenix, AZ)


My mood was so irritable I could cry at the drop of a dime. She gave me some drops and I feel great. (C.G. Queen Creek, AZ)


I had patchy baldness and I was covering it with hair extensions, but after being treated by Dr. Pringle my hair has grown back. No more expensive extensions. (A.B. Tempe, AZ)


I was in a terrible car accident as a child and I experienced pain for many years after getting treated my pain have significantly decreased. (T.N. Tempe, AZ)


I had very bad carpel tunnel I could hardly work. I was recommended to have surgery Dr. Pringle treated me and it is completely gone. (N.F. Chandler, AZ)


I heard Dr. Pringle speak at a seminar and I was so impressed with her I drove from Buckeye, Az to see her. When I entered I was so stressed I felt like I was going to have a heart attack, but after one treatment I left totally relaxed. I thank God for her. She is an answer to my prayers. (A.M. Buckeye, AZ)


I suffered from grief and depression for many years after the tragic loss of a family member, I heard Dr. Pringle speak and I knew she could help me. I started seeing her for grief, depression, and life coaching. Now I am living my life vibrantly and enjoying every moment.  (D.N. Scottsdale, AZ)


I had such severe fatigue and insomnia. I would drag throughout the day and stay awake at night. She got me sleeping again and now I have energy to run and play with my kids and exercise again. I love you Dr. Pringle (L.B. Queen Creek, AZ)


I had severe pain and fibromyalgia for many years I have seen lots of doctors but no improvement. After being treated my pain is gone, I am sleeping again and I don’t cry all the time. I am looking and feeling beautiful. (A.Y. Chandler, AZ)


I originally came to see Dr. Pringle for menopause symptoms. All of those have resolved thank God because those hot flashes were brutal! I recently did a phone consult with Dr. Pringle because I was constantly traveling from Cali to Connecticut to check on my elderly parents. I was catching a lot of colds and flus. Dr. Pringle mixed up some herbs for me and I haven’t caught a cold or flu since and I have been traveling back and forward this winter. Originally when I called I wasn’t sure if she could help with all those colds because my other doctor just kept giving me antibodies but I decided to see if she could help and I am so glad I di!. My head is clear and my eyes and I am breathing without wheezing. It amazes me what can be done with natural medicine. She is a very sweet woman who I feel blessed to have in my life. She helped me so much while I was going through my divorce. I am just really grateful for everything!   (L. S. Ranco Santa Margarita, CA)


I had a history of an eating disorder for the past ten years. I heard Dr. Pringle lecture and I knew she could help me. She helped me deal with some of my old emotions. Now I am eating and I am happy and in love! (S.Q. Tempe, AZ)


My blood pressure has been elevated for 10 years despite two different medications. Dr. Pringle got my blood pressure down in one day and it has stayed down and I saw her a year ago! (T.G. Mesa, AZ)


I was a stressed out single mother and student. I had severe fatigue, but after seeing her, my energy is so much better and I feel great! I love you Dr.  P. (B.B. Tempe, AZ)


I had PCOS for 5 years with severe weight gain. GIM helped me lose weight and I feel so much better! (A.D. Phoenix, AZ)


I had severe back pain for years. After seeing Dr. Pringle my back is so much better! (G.C. Litchfield Park, AZ)